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Rump Rangers / Рейнджеры задниц

Год производства: 2007 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Amateurs, Hairy, Tattoo, Trio, Oral, Anal, Cum
Продолжительность: 01:51:26

Режиссер: Doug & Jay
Студия: Amateur Straight Guys

В ролях: Guzzo, Steve, Nate, Ken, Nick, Riley, Thad, Jared, Brent, Brock, Rick, Axe, Vince

Описание: Rump Rangers delivers some real ass fucking, straight guy action. This one''s got everything Amateur Straight Guys fans want!
We''ve always wanted to get Guzzo to tap an ass. Of course when we first mentioned it to him he wasn''t too keen on the idea because he''d never really given fucking a guy in the ass too much thought before. As the months of knowing him have worn on, we''ve come to realize that there''s not too much that Guzzo won''t do in bed now that his horizons have been opened a little. So time for that ass tapping we''ve been dreaming of huh? You got it.
As luck would have it we met a new guy a few weeks back named Steve. Steve is a young gay man who recently moved to Phoenix and doesn''t know too many people yet. Steve is adorable with a nice lean body and eager attitude and oh yah one more thing - he LOVES to get fucked! Loves it. So we had Steve come down for a surprise shoot with Guzzo. As the two of them met for the first time on camera the magic (and lust) was so thick you could''ve cut it with a knife. This was Steve''s first video and I guess we broke him in right. Can''t wait for the next episode...hehe.

Recently, Ken was having a conversation with a friend about sex, of course, and he mentioned how badly he needed to get fucked. I know we probably all think of Ken as a �Top�, and that is his preference, but once and a while nothing relieves stress and relaxes me like a good old-fashioned ass pounding. He told his friend that if he didn�t get something in there soon it was going to close up. Well, his friend and Doug must have connected somehow. Soon Ken found out he was going to be in a video with Nate, and it was his turn to take one for the team! Ken spent days preparing for that huge straight boy cock and it definitely paid off.

Recently our buddy Nick has been opening his horizons a little more than we Recently our buddy Nick has been opening his horizons a little more than we expected. Nick is a really cool guy who loves sex and popping a nut anywhere he can..but doing it on camera with another guy has been a challenge for him until now. Nick called us late one night eager to get it on in any way he could so we immediately set up a hot little three way that is sure to scorch your shorts! Nate (who is always horny and ready) joined us in a three way gang bang on Riley. Riley who is our newest and horniest bottom was so into doing this little scene that he nearly wet his pants beforehand!

We met Thad at the airport and took him right away to do his first video. Jared was already in town and we wanted to capitalize on the energy and spontaneity of putting these two hot guys together for the first time. After we started the porn and started talking about tits, Jared was the first to whip it out. Thad was a little bit shy. It had been quite awhile since he''d been in front of a camera. Jared has such a warm and laid back personality that it didn''t take long to get Thad ready to "with the flow". Jared convinces him that he has something that will feel much better up his ass than a finger. The rest is for you to see as the "newbie" gets initiated into the world of ASG. Way to go Jared! We''re going to miss you

This week we brought Brent, Brock and Rick together for a sizzling summer soaker - three real, genuine guys who wanted to play. Brent told us that he was interested in doing some serious experimenting, so we brought our veteran Brock along with Rick to give him a hand - and more. We put on some porn and let them go to it. Brent grabbed a hold of Rick and Brock and started stroking them both. Rick had never fucked a guy before, but was interested in seeing what it was like. After that Brent really got into it as Rick and then Brock took turns pounding his tight ass hard. He moans and groans as he takes it in stride. This video is so hot we had to ice down the camera!

Horny guys everywhere...Axe called us recently just aching for some guy on guy action as a break from his girlfriend. Vince who is always horny and ready for some naughty fun was also letting us know about the same time that he was up for "anything". So we asked the two versatile studs to come meet us and we''d see what transpired...Well an all out freak fest was in the works and we had no idea!
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео: DivX 5 720x528 29.97fps 1300Kbps
Аудио: MP3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

Трекер:  [ 24-Окт-2015 12:30 ]


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