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妖魔大戦 第一章~封印のヒメガミ~ / Youma taisen dai ichi shou ~fuuin no himegami ~
Дата релиза: 2013/12/28
Жанр: jRPG, Tsundere, Master and Slave, Daughter monster, Love Love/Amaama, Reverse Rape, Animal ears/Neko, Maids, Big Breasts
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи
Разработчик/Издательство: ya-ho-games
Платформа: PC/ WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Минимальные Системные требования:
:: HDD 250MB ::

★ You are the bottom of the " Ohii like" from today ?

" ( His real name is ♪ 's secret) Ohii like" master of God = you Sealed
In order to open sealed from her ,
And supplemented with spiritual power of her while flirting ,
The Torikaese the hallowed ground from evil ghost !

Of course , like Ohii so desires ,
" Served as the bottom" The answer 's any play lewd !
★ ver1.01a current
Since the bug occurs with high probability "easy mode " by the action of the tricks high randomness ,
And remove some tricks , and has removed the bug .
There is no problem even in the initial ver difficulty of normal or more .

I have to eliminate the stomach bug that Gourmet is in the bottomless .

People who want to play play stately chestnut , the RPG of Icha Love , must see!
Without such annoying RTP download and install !
Can play immediately with a double click !

★ Because it is a symbol encounter , capture easy !

★ You are the bottom of the " Ohii like" from today ?

" ( His real name is ♪ 's secret) Ohii like" master of God = you Sealed
In order to open sealed from her ,
And supplemented with spiritual power of her while flirting ,
The Torikaese the hallowed ground from evil ghost !

Of course , like Ohii so desires ,
" Served as the bottom" The answer 's any play lewd !

★ (MP) When you cut spiritual power of Ohii like ,
Recover for flirting even in combat !
However , like Ohii or pounding , mischievous mind would sprout ?

★ Easy power up with a cup of liquor Ohii -sama!
However, when will prove too good to be serious ?

★ clothes corruption system !
Upon receipt of the damage , clothes become tattered during combat Ohii -sama!
( If you find the item Mufufu , before you buy , clothes in combat is ... ? Check the HP all means ! )

★ H scene lewd rich and full voice acting !
Or squeezed out , or Icha Love , or worse is while you sleep ?

★ When you defeat the area boss ( demon daughter ) ,
The rape ! ( Full Voice ) reverse ! 's The thing

It is not to temptation , Tsu or can show the loyalty of true Ohii like ?
( Main course , it is flirting with Ohii like )

★ Of course , loyalty can also clear ( reverse rape avoidance) ! It ( the arm up to the player if you can ! )
(Even loyalty clear , better H scene of all was through the open ! Loyalty to last Raku~tsu ! )
( Players as soon as the trick of all scene also opened there in less than 30 minutes start )

( Rape Shigyaku people pain , humiliation scene , there is not for now )

★ The recollection of all the possible "H scene" in the rough convenient ! Storage library !

★ The recapture the hallowed ground while flirting ,
Until solving the seal of Ohii like , 'll fight does not end !

★ this time to ease the capture and " sanctuary " appearance !
To overcome the puzzle only those with wisdom move forward ,
Special equipment , get the item!

★ It is to ease the capture even more to " repel invasion ghost STG !"
Nevertheless RPG, a possible use of the skill shooting game !

★ limited time !
Enclosed " Ze~tsushirushi assassin " first special award the " mark of ? ? " El Dee only site com -sama!
Unobtainable absolutely in this volume ! Absolutely Get!

★ can also change the difficulty !

You do not feel that you ! Too difficult ,
Course difficulty all-you-can- flirting !
Clear will not be possible without the skilled person in the RPG ?
Stalwart you can clear the "bottom Masutodai " do exist ?

From simple capture , to a special capture method that called into question the sense ,
The idea as soon as the player's all !

★ participation staff

★ draft Fujiki

★ Original coloring Yu-chi like

Rust like wasabi

★ H scene full voice !

Ohii like ★ Oyama like Tyrol

??? ★ Natsuki Nogami like

★ (1 songs boss provides two songs production and usually ) Battle BGM Godless

★ all image effect processing naraitaikou

★ randomized experiment tea Love RPG! Launch !
Certain period ! Wow, super advantageous "300 yen" ( plus tax) !

Period of time , by the addition of a voice with H scene ,
Possibility that prices will rise without notice many I have .
We recommend purchase + user registration early.

★ Disclaimer

At the time it was purchased this application ,
Ya-ho-games to escape the responsibility of any damage caused from the use or possession ,
It is assumed to have agreed to be a self-responsibility of the purchaser .
★ 現在ver1.01a




★ 今日からあなたは「おひい様」のしもべ!?



★ おひい様の霊力(MP)が切れたら、

★ おひい様はお酒を飲んでお手軽パワーアップ!



★ エリアボス(魔物娘)に敗北すると、





★ いちゃいちゃしながら霊場を奪還し、








★原案 Fujiki

★原画彩色 ゆち 様

錆わさび 様


おひい様 ★ 大山チロル 様

??? ★ 野上菜月 様

★戦闘BGM 神無月(ボス2曲製作・通常1曲提供)

★全画像演出加工 naraitaikou

★ 実験作いちゃラブRPG!発売記念!





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