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Platinum WarElf -Inyoku no suraimutaun- / プラチナのワーエルフ ~淫欲のスライムタウン~
Год выпуска: 2014
Дата релиза: 2014/02/22
Жанр: Action/jRPG, Bukkake, Pregnancy, Monster Girl, Futanari
Цензура: Есть в игре (играх) раздачи
Разработчик/Издатель: Rambalance (らんばらんす)
Платформа: PC/Windows
Тип издания: Лицензия
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский
Версия: 1.01
Системные требования: [PC] WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
CRU: Pentium4 2.0GHz
Memory: 512Mb
HDD: 300Mb
Описание:StoryFledgling mercenary who lives in a different world "Erna". Although she was a structure that can not use magic and despite these are the elf, by making full use has been developed by the technical capabilities of dwarf magic and power of the Elves "Mashirube-gu" Elves as well as other, it has become possible to fight Mamonotachi. While the rank as a mercenary also rise , request is increasing, thanks to a friend of synchronization "Firimu" It would then undertake a request had hoped for some time to the "modern world". She heard the news Isami joy, I took off immediately to the site. Request was as simple and safe as subdue the slime that has been transferred to modern times. Therefore, it is was that she faces in the middle picnic mood was waiting there was the unexpected presence.
Play time is 4-5 hours .

- 25 sheets + Tatsue other basic CG
· (Including change Nasty degree ) number of 70 or more scenes H scene
※ Nasty degree consists of three phases , change appears to be CG · text in each .
※ The differences are reflected in the CG almost all the difference underwear , torn difference , the difference semen , pregnant .

■ ■ game content

This work is an action RPG -type looking down .

◆ combat
We will defeat the enemy and making full use of the gun and sword . Experience values to come each time you defeat .
The demon was defeated because dropping the currency or items in place , let's get in contact .

◆ gimmick
Such as those that block the progression to the enemy other than there will be in the city .
The other things move by pushing , things that I can not pass that it does not clear the condition also exists .
Some , such as drums and car in , and then the explosion winding around them in touch off and gun .

◆ non-combat area
There is also a map that does not exist in the enemy city .
It is possible to take a rest , such as bed , and information from people who have been evacuated .

◆ Warp
It is possible to warp to a particular position can be installed and used a magical device called transfer stone .
I can use the map display during warp .

◆ underwear
You may want to get a women's underwear , etc. in the city .
From being worn pattern There are three types of bras , panties , of Knee Socks will present six .
There are durability each in underwear , and ready to have torn to be vanishing
It will go away completely when it comes to 0 .

◆ Stan value
Cage is the one with the red core in the enemy ,
Stan value will continue to be accumulated and attack from the enemy .
When the value reaches maximum gauge , H event begins .

◆ semen
Although will resume from the spot after Stan value that has finished H event returns to 0
Semen is attached to the body of a hero by the situation . Attachment location is nine in total , such as the face and chest .
It is possible to wash away like water or shower in town , SP recovery item is to come at the same time .
There is no harm even if not washed away.

◆ fertilization amount
There is one more fertilization amount to those higher due to the H events . The hero pregnant this becomes the maximum gauge .
Be careful movement -based action and movement speed is limited to be become pregnant .

◆ Nasty degree
It is a Nasty degree to rise , such as the H- events .
Nasty Lv hero of this rise and continue to rise , the effect appears also in H scene .
It becomes Lv3 when it comes to Lv2, 100 more than 50 . A particular item to increase or decrease the number also exists .

◆ H scene
It is a scene that takes place in Stan maximum value at the time .
Enemy was damaged at the end basically are eligible .
Difference will appear in the action and reaction by Nasty degree .

◆ gallery
Scene you visit once it is possible to see again here .
Scene Most of these three types of presence in another horny degree .
It is the type of scene that can be viewed by mark of diamond that is displayed in the lower left corner of the thumbnail scene .
Lv1 Nasty degree blue , Lv2 Huang , Lv3 will be red .
The current one will reflect the appearance of the hero of the scene when browsing .
※ There is not the function of viewing only CG.

◆ spawning
If you are pregnant , it is possible to spawn in and chair of the bathroom and bed .

◆ Orb
It is a round crystal available at that lay their eggs . I do not go into the hands only a few If you are not used to spawning
This will enable the entire powerful attack that you want to use it .

◆ Game Over
If HP is set to 1 , hero fainted , it is returned in a warp to the location where it is recorded .
However, although the game is over notation if you have lost the specific enemy and boss
It is possible to restart without penalty by choosing to " start over " .

◆ shop
There are those who will support the hero to open the shop in the town of human peers and different world .
While there are few cases in the beginning is the thing that can be sold in shops
There is also a number of articles that gradually increases due to the movement speed of the map .

◆ Mashirube-gu
Magical tool to help the hero in gun other than the sword there .
• The up to the defense caused the Magic magic brooch clothing .
• The warp is a hero to transfer stone was magic gate installation .
· I to recover the HP of magic healer hero .

◆ Magical chip
This is the part that is up or the function of the magical device for which you have , and to adjust .

◆ Tatsue
It is displayed on the right side of the screen . There are two types of front and rear surface to Tatsue
The alternates by pressing the specified key .
The semi-transparent by or overlaps with Tatsue , or toward the right
The semen and underwear , pregnant in Tatsue , state sweat such as (HP at reduced ) is reflected .

◆ purpose
Area of four to spread north, south, east and west . Let's defeat the boss of slime lurking in each area .
It allows you to use special attack and defeat the boss .

◆ H scene summary
· ( Tentacles , such as milking ) x10 Dissimilar fucking slime , slime by subspecies
· H scene with people ( and Blow by aphrodisiac , play , gangbang nipple fuck tied ) x3, x1 other ,
And women type slime ( Futanari ) x8,
And other , toilet , shower , spawning





・基本CG 25枚 + 立絵他
・Hシーン数 70シーン以上(淫乱度変化含む)


















・マジックブローチ 魔法衣を発生させ防御力をアップさせます。
・マジックゲート 設置した転送石に主人公をワープさせます。
・マジックヒーラー 主人公のHPを回復させます。




・スライム、スライム亜種による異種姦(触手、搾乳など) x10
・人とのHシーン(催淫によるフェラ、縛りプレイ、輪姦ニプルファック)x3、その他 x1、
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за ссылку спасибо Vasa_(-)_(-)_
Игра на платформе .Wolf для корректного отображения текста, требуется яп. локал

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