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Assetto Corsa

Год выпуска: 8 ноября 2013
Год выпуска полной версии: ~2014
Версия игры: 0.7.1
Жанр: Автосимулятор
Разработчик: Kunos Simulazioni
Издатель: Kunos Simulazioni
Язык интерфейса: Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Испанский, Итальянский, Китайский
Язык озвучки: Английский
Тип издания: Steam Early Acces
Платформа: PC
Таблэтка: Вшита (3DM)
Рекомендуемые системные требования
Операционная система: Windows Vista,7,8,8.1
Процессор: AMD Six-Core CPU, Intel Quad-Core CPU
Оперативная память: 6 GB RAM
Видеокарта: DirectX 11 (AMD Radeon HD 7870, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660)
Свободное место на жестком диске: 11 Гб
Assetto Corsa – новый гоночный симулятор компании Kunos Simulazioni. Среди основных особенностей Assetto Corsa значатся современный графический движок с полной поддержкой DirectX 11, реалистичная физическая модель, официально лицензированные автомобили и трассы, воссозданные с помощью лазерного сканирования, открытая архитектура, позволяющая сообществу симрейсеров самостоятельно создавать и внедрять в игру различные модификации и многое другое.
Early Access 0.7.1
- Minor launcher theme tweaks (text positioning in results panel).
- Fixed an issue with axis & button assignments for control configuration.
Early Access 0.7

- New car Lotus Exos 125
- New upgrade Lotus Exos 125 S1
- New track Nurburgring GP
- Less noisy bodywork sound for GT cars
- Fixed hotlap penalties always on
- Friends Leaderboard :: filters lap for hotlap mode
- Some performance improvements
- Replay size reduced by 25%
- Gui now restoring hidden apps on exit
- Fixed Gui issues on apps
- Fixed smoke issues on replay
- Tuned low-level settings for smoke
- Fixed time attack start
- Some texture update for Autodromo di Monza
- Anticipated pit limiter when entering pitlane for Silverstone and Silverstone International race circuits
- "New" badge in UI cars thumbnails
- New "special tags" filtering. When you select a player car, the AI opponents selection is now suggesting similar cars. You can of course dismiss the special tag and choose more
- New "add visible" and "clear grid" buttons in custom opponents panel UI

Early Access 0.6.6
- Fixed old replays engine sound
- Launcher :: fixed small issues
- Audio : fixed low volume in a file
Early Access 0.6.5
- Oculus Rift improvements
- High fov on single screen (>80 degrees) rendering fix
- Car physics & apps fixes
- Steam friends leaderboard & Friends Leaderboard app for hotlap, drift & time attack
- Balanced opponents volume
- Some ranking fixes
- fixed closing AC while a replay was playing after a race
- Replay performance improvements
- Fixed real time position on restart
- Best lap is kept when restarting session
- Fixed look back on replay
- Engine smoke when damaged
- Engine damage (not balanced yet)
- McLaren MP4-12C GT3
- Upgrade BMW 1M Stage 3
- Upgrade Lotus Evora Stage 2
- Ferrari 599XX Aero center of pressure adjusted
- Ferrari 599XX improved cockpit view and adjusted bonnet cam
- Small aero improvements on BMW Z4 GT3, M3 GT2 and P4/5 Competizione
- New overboost function BMW Z4 Drift (keys 1-0 for 10% to 100% turbo boost. 80% default)
- Engine damage when turbo overboost is over 80% on cars that support it
- Engine damage from overreving the enging (i.e. downshifts)
Early Access 0.6.2
- Improved collisions detection & AI response
- Cpu warning is the same for all the languages
- Fixed somke on replay exit
- Drift mode :: minimum bonus seconds
- Difference displayer now display the difference on total time
- some gui fix
Early Access 0.6.1
- Look back fixed for some cars
- Removed time parameter in replay.ini
- No more need to attach race.ini or race_out.json since they are printed in log
- Improved collisions with ground
- Small optimizations in collision boxes on some cars
- LOD fixes for Ferrari F40 to improve framerates
Early Access 0.6
- All cars AI enabled
- All tracks AI enabled
- Improvements on track AI lines
- UI quickraces enabled
- Added theme module management interface (see Options/General)
- Fixed position indicator changing in proximity to the finish line
- First lap time in races starts when the starting lights are off
- On screen time difference : (On/Off switch)
- mesh collider system and terrain collision boxes
- Reworked collision stiffness
- Penalty system On/Off switch
- Hide steer option
- Smoke rendering in mirrors improved (also On/Off switch)
- Look back buttons implemented
- fixed some gui issues in endrace mode
- Winning an achievement in special events unlocks the lower achievements
- Fixed ambience sound volume
- Improved positional audio for opponents when driving in cockpit or F1 cameras
- Fixed opponents overall engine volume
- Fixed distance scale volume for opponents engines and related extra sounds (skids, backfires etc...)
- Fixed backfires exterior volume
- Maximum exterior engine volume is 1.0 to prevent sample clipping and/or distorsion
- Lotus Evora GTE physics bug fixes and updates
- KTM X-Bow R aero modifications and setup fixes
Early Access 0.5.4
- Fixed BMW 1M setup 0 pressure values
- Added options for adjusting smoke rendering
Early Access 0.5.3
- Removed penalty system in race special events
- Fixed session over leaderboard
- Fixed session result post session
- Added more slipstream
- AI acts less superhuman after collisions
- Replay memory limit slider increased to 500mb
- Added missing skins for BMW M3 grA
- Modifications on collisions boxes of very low cars.
Early Access 0.5.2
- fixed opponents engine volume typo
Early Access 0.5.1
- opponents engine volume tuned
- fixed Golden Glory achievements
- fixed replay race loading
Early Access 0.5

- End Race simulation
- New Race special events
- Session Ranking app fixes
- Driver Names displayer
- Proximity Indicator & damage displayer follow GUI
- Small GUI fixes
- Special events have pre-determinate parameters such as Temperature
- Warning for high CPU occupancy
- Real time position
- Steam Achievement fixes
- fixed suspension animator in replay
- chase camera shake parameters exposed in launcher
- Modifications on tyre model combined forces grip. Tyres more sensitive in combined forces, cars more sensitive under braking and acceleration. Resulting in use of traction control more interesting even on racing cars
- Modifications on tyres heating modelling.
- BMW Z4 35is drift upgrade
- BMW M3 E30 group.A is now the early model with less power and no ABS plus chassis modifications and 5 speed gearbox
- BMW M3 E30 DTM version is now an upgrade to the early model and retains only the 6 speed gearboxes.
- BMW 1M series
- Lotus Evora GTE
- Modifications on Ferrari F40 suspension toe links
- Modifications on Tatuus FA01 aerodynamic drag.
- BMW Z4 35is toe fixes and tyre compound fixes
- Pagani Zonda R ABS levels
- Laptimes have now 1ms resolutions
- Ferrari 599XX Evo default alignment setup modified to cure over-sensitive steering.
Early Access 0.4.2

- Control config: removed TAB key from exclusion list
- Control config: fixed an issue that prevented binding of secondary controls to certain keys
Early Access 0.4.1

- Fixed rear ARB setup screen for BMW M3 E30 Group A
- Modified FFB values for F40 (fixes steer oscillation on straight line)
- Fixed hotlap penalties
- Fixed steam interface interaction with mouse hiding
- Fixed Drag Race car moving ahead on restart
- Fixed crash after loading car for players with long nickNames
Early Access 0.4

- New car BMW M3 E30 Group A
- New car BMW Z4 GT3
- New car Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione
- New car Ferrari F40
- New track Autodromo di Monza
- New bonus track Drag race 1000m and 400m
- Upgrade Ferrari 458 S3
- Upgrade Ferrari F40 S3
- Modifications on fuel consume of cars with turbo engines
- Modifications on the engine rev limiter of BMW M3 E92 Drift
- Modifications on Tatuus FA01 setup packer range
- New Special Events Mode with medals and achievements implemented
- Shared memory struct updated
- Drag Race mode implemented
- Camera on board :: resets far plane
- Replay :: fixed leaderboard app in replay mode
- Fixed triple screen change gear animations going too fast
- Improved all change gear animations
- Screen capture (F8) allows to select screenshot between PNG,JPG,BMP
- Time Attack checkpoints hidden in replays
- Mouse steering implemented
- Fixed Triple Screen in Track cameras (F3)
- Fixed large replay loading
- Camera Random (F2) improvements
- Fixed Tyre Tester app in replay mode
Early Access 0.3.2

- Fixed lingering launcher process under certain exiting conditions
- More descriptive launcher startup problem descriptions when setting up user folders
- Added a check for restoring fullscreen launcher windows on triple screen setups on session end
Early Access 0.3.1
- Fixed McLaren MP4-12C toe settings and values on setup screen
- Centered cockpit on McLaren MP4-12C
- Fixed McLaren MP4-12C RPM dial range of motion
- Fixed setup values errors in the Lotus 2-11
- Modifications on Abarth 500 front headlights
- Tweaked wind noise for open cars
- Throttle map modifications for all cars
- Corrected Lotus Exige Roadster Semiautomatic gearbox ratios
- More UI content translated in Russian
- Removed redundant messages from log to improve performances
Early Access 0.3

- Added McLaren Mp4 12c
- Added Lotus Exige S Roadster
- Added Lotus Evora S
- Added Abarth 500 SS Step1
- Added BMW M3 E30 Drift (engine swap)
- Added Lotus Elise SC Step1
- Added Lotus Elise SC Step2
- Fixed Setup bugs in P4/5 Competizione
- Adjusted setup values in Lotus 2-11
- Fixed single first click bug in setup sliders
- Adjusted engine brake in Abarth 500 SS
- Adjusted street and semislick tyres overheating grip
- BMW M3 E30 and E92 drift cars have now damper settings on their setup
- Added Silverstone GP track
- Added Vallelunga Club track
- Fixed broken right side on OculusVR
- Improved reflection shading
- Implemented save setup on exit
- Python now has its own log : py_log.txt
- Added saturation control
- In game telemetry :: fixed seconday bugs
- Python :: added isAcLive method to know if the simulation is active or not
- Fixed showroom triple screen central view bug
- X360 gamepad steer speed exposed
- Track cameras improved
- Drift mode :: fixed reverse gear drifting
- Replay length setting exposed
- Fixed circular replay
- Fixed backfire flames on non-hdr rendering
- New shared memory implementation 1.0 (Physics, Graphic thread and static info)
- Tyre wear rate is now honoring Realism settings
- Fuel consumption is now honoring Realism settings
- Improved BMW M3 e92 (all variants) interior and exterior sounds
- Added exterior gear shift sounds
- Tweaked tyre scrub pitch variation for some cars
- Added damper adjustments in Lotus 2-11 and Scura
- Adjusted engine brake in Lotus 4 cylinder engines
- Fixed bugs with Toe setup values in Tatuus FA01
- Added Chinese & Russian localizations ( Work in Progress )
- Added camera shake & g-force effect view options
- Added XBOX360 gamepad steering speed option
- Added new event hooks for loading external launcher modules (loadModules & beforeLoadModules)
- Fixed various minor layout problems in launcher default theme
- Fixed Drift mode end session
- Fixed unlockable achievements
- Fixed replay interface animation
- Fixed long output logs on system timer drift detection
- Fixed auto shifter (ctrl+g) for wheel [now requestedCarIndex is reset when shifter is not active]
- Fixed achievements on replay
- Fixed time attack penalty on restart
Early Access 0.2.1
- Fixed the PB grid being unresponsive
- Fixed the framerate limit slider not being polite to keyboard input
- Tweaked Pagani Zonda R interior engine volume on load
- Tweaked P4/5 Competizione bodywork volume and interior engine volume on load
- Added version display on launcher intro
- Added changelog display inside launcher (Options/General/View update log)
- Added more verbose logging for launcher thread activity
- Made modal dialog content scrollable
Early Access 0.2

- Achievement, stats fixed and updated, you can read them using SteamStatisticsReader
- Added Pagani Zonda R
- Added P4/5 Competizione Scuderia Cameron-Glickenhaus
- Added Lotus 2 Eleven
- Added Mugello Circuit
- Added Drift Track
- Added M3 E30 Step 1 upgrade
- Added M3 E92 Step 1 upgrade
- Added M3 E92 Drift upgrade
- Added Z4 35is Step 1 upgrade
- Updated M3 E30 power curve
- Updated tyre model for all cars
- Updated tyre wear for slicks tyres
- Updated Lotus 49 default setup to suit better monza 66 track
- Fixed TC not working after change of tyre compound
- Implemented non linear speedometer (BMW M3 E92)
- acs.exe Localization now reads from INIReaderW, localization files updated
- problems related to windows user names with strange characters solved
- update showroom & showroom localization
- x360 rumble intensity multiplier
- new drift mode, it is based on score and time not laps
- sectors status in time transponder is reset after each lap
- Driver Eyes Positioner is Default app (localization added)
- Fixed replay loading with cars (wing problem)
- Fixed replay GUI (slider)
- Fixed turbo still producing boost even after fuel went zero
- Better engine coast at near minimum rpm, no need half gas to move the needle anymore
- Implemented "FF Enhancements"
- Improved AA algorithm selection
- New gamma curves for power and coast audio samples
- Reverb effect removed
- New default volumes preset
- Engine volume tweaked for all cars
- Backfire samples tweaked for all cars (that have them)
- Rumble strip, tyre rolling, tyre scrubs and wind samples tweaked
- BMW M3 e30 interior sounds improved
- BMW M3 e30 fixed missing gearshift sounds
- BMW M3 GT2 interior and exterior sounds improved
- Tatuus FA01 interior sounds improved
- KTM X-Bow interior sounds improved
- Ferrari 458 Italia overall engine pitch tweaked
- Lotus 49 interior sounds improved
- Lotus Elise SC and Scura engine and compressor volume levels tweaked
- Control presets support added in control config
- Launcher defaults to software rendering mode - option added for GPU acceleration
- Added localization for german and spanish languages
- Added extra options for control configuration of FFB, Xbox360 pads and keyboard
- Added support and UI selection for car upgrades
- Added selection for showrooms
- Added drift mode selection
- Added drift session results display
- Fix for possible crash in certain control configuration timing (device permissions revoked during control binding)
- Replay saving button will now work when returning from a session to a modal view of the session results.
- Exiting from scrollable content window will now center properly.
- Car info modal window scales for lower vertical resolution screens.
- PB grid now supports deleting entries and starts from a zoomed-out state.
- Added a zoom toggle button to the PB grid.
- Ghostcar toggling fixed.
- Warning for dual gpu users added when the launcher has been set to start with a discrete GPU.
- Stricter thread and file permission checking.
- Potential fix for flickering of modal windows in some setups.
- Potential fix for a startup deadlock situation.
- Game-related newsfeed now displays news items inside the launcher added an unread item notification.
Early Access 0.1.2 - update 1

- Added visual studio dll and pdb to override suspicious failing installs
- Tweaked default audio levels
Early Access 0.1.2

- Improved Force Feedback by removing redundant traffic
- Default FF rate is back to maximum
- Fixed autoclutch not fast enough to act as antistall when stopping the car in first gear
- Fixed problem when loading replays
- Added a change log
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И еще один способ, который может помочь некоторым, попробуйте снять атрибут "только для чтения" у папки, которая создается в Документах. (C:\Users\ProNIX\Documents\Assetto Corsa)

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